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Welcome to the latest in Automotive technology. The Space-Rack with its innovative folding design could be the best thing you buy all year.

Originally designed to carry a small motorcycle it has since evolved into much more with a range of bolt on accessories, with a  cycle mount allowing you to carry up to four bicycles.

Space-RackSpace-Rack Folded
The Space-Rack attached securely to a Motorhome.The Space-Rack Folded into its more compact size.      
The Space-Rack is made from a lightweight Aluminium Box Section Frame, a aluminium check plate top and finished in either matt black or satin white. 

After weve completed the rack we then fit it with two LED light units connected via the standard 7 pin trailer socket, and 6 tie down rings.

To fit the rack to a vehicle you must have a two pin tow bar to which you can fit the support beam to, you then have to arms which slide and secure into the rack and then simply drop the rack into the support beam and put two stainless steel pins through.

RRP - The Space Rack £699.00, The Motorcycle Support £69.95, The Bicycle Mount £59.95, Extra Support Beams £69.95

More features will be coming soon.